Fair Participation Info & Rules

Dear Business Owner,

we cordially invite you to participate in this first B2B Fair inside the virtual world Second Life, with awesome tools, templates, affiliate programs, services, groups, freelancer offers, marketing opportunities, networking opportunities and alot more cool stuff for creative minds and business owners!

If your offer falls under any of the above categories, you can participate in this Fair, present your business, connect with other business owners, and find new customers!

The B2B Fair area is here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Beach/73/128/28

This event will be heavily advertised, and the earlier you set up the more will see your offers while setting up their own booth.

There are two options:

A) rent a booth for the duration of the event in the respective area (category signs in each area)
at 499 L .  You can bring 25 prims (Land Impact)

B) Rent a sign to present your business at 199 L (You have 1 Land Impact for rezzing your business ad board with landmark/notecard giver).

You just start by buying respective box, join the group (Wonderland Beach Events) and start rezzing your presentation.
No waiting time involved!
Start right away, set up time has begun!

Now if you have something to offer that does not fall into any category, you can ask Alice Klinger where to best set up.

There are a few rules of course:
1.) All presentation material must be PG, and only PG offers will be accepted. No mature or adult rated content allowed.  If you only offer mature or adult rated services, you may send your Business Info to Alice Klinger to be invited at a later time to a new fair.
2.) Stay within your rented slot with your presentation. Exception: You can rez a store logo above your booth if you rented a booth.
3.) Please make sure you rent in the correct category to not frustrate visitors of the fair unneccessarily!
4.) Only original products please. You need to own the copyright to the presented material.
5.) Any items violating the rules will be returned without refund.
By purchasing a Fair box you agree to the rules.

Any questions? -> send an IM or Notecard to Alice Klinger

Enjoy the Fair, we hope you make alot of useful business connections, and best of business luck! :-)

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